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MLM Lead Generation

What are some of the ways that you can generate leads or contacts for your business?

  • You could write a list of 100 people whom you're familiar with and try to get referrals.
  • You could prospect strangers and get referrals from them as well.
  • You could also buy a list of people who may or may not be interested in what you offer.
  • Some people may pass out flyers, post ads, and leave sizzle cards all over their area

These lead generation methods have worked for people in the past. Paul J. Meyer, Dexter Yeager, and others built large sales forces in the 1970s using these tactics and they may still work today if you're in the right area with the right offer.

The biggest issue with these lead generation tactics is that they only work with the right type of people. For instance, what if you're not outgoing or some of the people you work with aren't the sanguine type? That would mean you're no longer generating prospects for your business, which would stop your income. That can't happen. What you need is alead generation system so that regardless of the type of people you hire or recruit your system continues to work even if your people don't.

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MLM Lead Generation|MLM Leads|Business Marketing|Software|Service|System